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For our next connectivity project we are planning to use Connman along with oFono


The version being used are Connman :1.35 and oFono:1.21


After system start up, I am seeing that the oFono process gets exited, whenever I try to enable the modem by calling the python script enable-modem in the test directory. However, if I restart the ofono systemd service, everything works fine.

A couple of comments here:

i)  You have connman and ofono running via systemd and you're calling enable-modem from the test directory... I don't think this is a robust way to go about testing things.  Try to simplify by stopping connman and ofono and running ofono manually from the command line before calling the test script.

# systemctl stop connman
# systemctl stop ofono
# ofonod -d -n
# ...../enable-modem

ii)  When you say "everything works fine", what do you mean?  The test script can run...?

Ya after restarting the ofono.service , I could successfully run the test scripts


iii)  There _is_ a race in the gobi module at just the spot that you are seeing the crash.  I have seen it many times but haven't taken the time to isolate the issue... if I get a moment today, I might take a look at it.  I can trigger it by calling enable-modem too early in the ofono's startup process... it occurs maybe 1 time in 5 on my setup.

iv)  Like Christophe said, disable ofono's signal handler and enable core dumps before running ofono.  The core dump is easier to analyze than ofono's backtrace.


May I know is there any config option to disable the signal handler in Ofono.



I have attached the logs for your reference. Please let me know, if any further log messages are required.


Modem chip. MC7455 from sierra

Linux kernel: 4.9.44-fslc+g8f876e1 (freescale)



Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
Vinothkumar Eswaran


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