Hello Denis,

during the last days talking with some developers of blueZ and pulseaudio, I figured out the problem could be PA. In fact someone told me that pulseaudio is not fully compatible with blueZ5, I mean it doesn't provide a way to register a HandsFree Audio Agent to manage the bluetooth HFP communication, so the chain blueZ5 -> oFono -> pulseaudio cannot work well!

I'm trying to talk with some oFono developers to understand if my previous conclusion is correct or not, but I wasn't very lucky lately.

As far as you know are there a way to solve that problem or if exist an anofficial version of PA that provide the support to blueZ5, oFono and so for bluetooth HFP?

Thank you very much for your reply.


2014/1/7 Denis Kenzior <denkenz@gmail.com>
Hi Ignazio,

On 01/03/2014 04:16 PM, Ignazio Chiappone wrote:
Hello everyone,

my goal is to use the bluetooth HFP to make/receive a call, however I
have a problem with oFono.
Actually I'm working on Fedora 20 with blueZ 5.12 and oFono 1.14 .

When I start ofonod I see this: http://pastebin.com/AsukjcXx .

Using test script enable-modem, after pair my device with linux,
everything seems to work fine, on ofonod in debug mode, I see this:
http://pastebin.com/2GBmZERk .

Now, using my device I try to make/receive a call, but I see in both
cases this error:

Reject SCO: Agent not registered
Reject SCO: Agent not registered
Reject SCO: Agent not registered .

I don't understand if that kind of problem is related to oFono or blueZ,
because I think it's blueZ duty to establish the SCO link, but the agent
reported on the error message is a particular blueZ agent or an oFono agent?

Support for HFP actually involves 3 daemons

- BlueZ5 which takes care of pairing, device detection / discovery, etc.
- oFono which takes care of HFP protocol details and establishment of the SCO connection
- PulseAudio which transmits / receives the data on the SCO link and "plays" it.

It looks like your PulseAudio is either not installed or not the version that works with oFono.

The oFono and BlueZ changes for HFP are currently in a 'released' state (e.g. part of an official release).  I'm not sure whether the PulseAudio changes are...