Hi Thiago,

I'm using a E160 with ofono and connman, to connect a beaglebone black to the internet, but never use with sms or to make calls.

It's about R$ 90,00.

I had some problems with E3131 and E303, very common, Claro and Vivo sell them. But it was a problem related to the connection.

2014-09-15 11:03 GMT-03:00 Thiago Farina <tfransosi@gmail.com>:

This was probably answered many times before, so please forgive me if
I'm asking it again.

I'm want to buy a usb modem to test ofono. I want a cheap one if possible.

Could anyone point me to one that I could buy (possibly giving me the
url to a site I could buy it)?

I want one that I could use to send sms mainly and make calls (if
possible) but only sms is enough for me.

It needs to work with carriers from Brazil like Claro, Vivo, Tim, Oi, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Thiago Farina
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