Hi Denis,

Den ons 11 dec. 2019 kl 22:09 skrev Denis Kenzior <denkenz@gmail.com>:
> It looked like this:
> 12:03:18 ofonod[547]: Aux: < \r\n+CIEV: 2,3\r\n
> 12:03:23 ofonod[547]: Aux: < \r\n+CIEV: 2,2\r\n
> Deactivated

Shouldn't we get a CREG actually?  That tells us we're not connected at
all?  Or does the modem somehow still have another default bearer active?

This ublox modem does not indicate change of registration. And its seems like its not running on another
bearer because then I would assume CGATT would work(?).
But in all cases I have seen it either fixes the situation (activates) within ~20s or it changes
If the modem changes bearer ofono would be considered attached again and the
connection manager is free to activate the context. So I think this is tight.

Anyhow, I'll go ahead and take this.  Applied, thanks.


-- Richard