Hello All,


As said below, I am using the Intel Edison board with a Ublox on a serial interface.


After doing some debugging got to know that the “/plugins/udevng.c:enumerate_devices()” does get struck and

nothing happens after that.


The function “udev_enumerate_get_list_entry” under “enumerate_devices” does not

Seem to return properly and there after nothing happens.

1.    Check_device/check_usb_device does not get called

2.    Create_modem won’t happen.


Please let me know if this is some issue with the udev libraries or something else.





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Hi All,


I am trying to get ofono running on my Intel Edison board.


We have Intel Arduino Board with Ublox Sara-G350 connected via ttyMFD1 device.


1.    Placed necessary configuration files at the needed places.

a.    Ofono.conf

b.    Tun.conf

c.    Ofono.rules

2.    Updated ofono.rules with the following,

# Ublox SARA-G350

ATTRS{idVendor}=="1546", ATTRS{idProduct}=="1102", ENV{OFONO_DRIVER}="ublox"

3.    tun.conf into modules-load.d, but when I do lsmod I do not see module tun being loaded !

4.    when I try running ofonod, I get struck at BT stuff as attached.


Please let me know if I am missing something.