Hi there,

Merry Christmas!

I'm working on adding gtk-doc support to oFono and is available publicly on github [1]. This job is currently based on my previous patches to clean up Makefile.am.

So far the biggest problem is that it's going to add yet another Makefile.am inside doc/, which breaks no-recursive make rule that is currently enforced. However, that seems to be an inevitable side effect when somebody is going to include gtk-doc in his project. I'd like to know if you has other concerns before going ahead and posting the patches. For me, oFono has done a great job in implementing core functions and bringing support to various hardware. It just needs some more refactoring and polishments to lower the effort to use it, and documentation is one of the most important tasks on my list. What do you think?

[1]: https://github.com/vicamo/ofono/tree/for/upstream/gtk-doc

Vicamo Yang