Comment # 3 on bug 73615 from
i define again my pb :

i want to use "Synchronizing Directly to Evolution via HTTP" feature
adapted to akonadi

i adapt the "syncevolution --configure ..." statement according this works with

i solved the password pb by adding option

--sync-property syncURL=http://localhost:9000/syncevolution


adding in .config/syncevolution/config.ini the statement

defaultPeer = kontact

(question what is the configure option to add "defaultPeer = kontact" ?)

don't know if the two statements are useful but it works .

now memotoo client can connect to http server  but when i ask to sync calendar
memotoo client stays in state "waiting"
http server says "Synchronization failed"

memotoo does not stop by itself . i must ask to memotoo to stop sync

see the syncevolution-log

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