Patrick Ohly changed bug 76273
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Comment # 31 on bug 76273 from
(In reply to comment #3)
> Looks like this code inside eas_sync_handler_new is failing:
> 	if (! eas_gdbus_client_init(&object->priv->eas_client, account_uid,
> &error)) {
> 		g_object_unref (object);
> 		return NULL;
> 	}
> Incidentally, that code fails to print the error and leaks it, which
> probably explains why there is no real error message.

Fixed in 

commit 674cf44cf9aaaaa6eb38eee8fa901796f3fef027
Author: Patrick Ohly <>
Date:   Mon Jul 14 16:14:08 2014 +0200

    eassync: handle error when D-Bus is unavailable

    When D-Bus is unavailable and cannot be started,
    eas_sync_handler_new() neither printed the error nor did it clear it.
    Found as part of FDO #76273.

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