Priority medium
Bug ID 66618
Summary The SortOrder in SyncEvolution & Evolution-data-server do not match.
Severity normal
Classification Unclassified
OS Linux (All)
Hardware Other
Status NEW
Component PIM Manager
Product SyncEvolution

Created attachment 82073 [details]
List of vCards

When verifying the PinYin support for Search using the UnifiedAddressBook
Search in SyncEvolution and the Search in Evolution-Data-Server. It appears
that the 
result sort order is not the same.

Step 1) Set locale to zh_CN
Step 2) Create a number of vCards in (English and Chinese)
Step 3) Create a Peer  SetPeer (peer_name_test1, files /htmp/zh2)
Step 4) SyncPeer (peer-name_test1)
Step 5) SetSortOrder(first/last)
Step 6) Search ("")

This returns a list of vCards, the English vCards are correct but the 
Chinese vCards are not in correct order.

My Dictionary

My Dictionary
Chinese                English             Pinyin
鳥                     Bird                  niǎo
犬                     Dog                   quǎn
人                     Man                   rén
人 物                  Person                rén wù
女 性                  Woman                 nǚ xìng
 汽 車                 Car                   qì chē
屋                     House                 wū        
物                     Thing                 wù
五                     Five                   wǔ 
無                     not                    wú
務                     affair                 wù
任 何                  any                    rèn hé
單                     Bill                   dān

VCards and 2 screen shoots attached.
Vcards in  a mixture of English & Chinese
1 screen shot of results side by side
1 screen shot of part of the problem (item 4/5 in list)

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