Comment # 4 on bug 70950 from
"picture-only" is not technically possible, because the text fields are
required to find matches with existing local contacts.

One could do a "picture-with-minimal-text-fields", but that is not going to
provide much benefits (none?).

If some future PBAP enhancement makes a "picture-only" mode more efficient than
"all", then we can still add that at that point.

Regarding "SyncType", yes, something like that can be added. But it is not
clear to me what you expect to see reported there. Is this a correct
description of what you had in mind?

'text' - text-only sync active
'all' - non-incremental text and picture sync active
'incremental-text' - incremental sync active, currently syncing text
'incremental-picture' - incremental sync active, done with text, now syncing

I would call that 'sync-cycle', to make it more explicit that this is about
what is currently going on and may change as we enter another cycle.

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