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> - don't write sync meta data to .config/syncevolution for PBAP,
>   because it always does a slow sync and needs no meta data.

Done like this:

commit 4d9a23e8a4c8107b3664f019dcba3a155c7cacbd
Author: Patrick Ohly <>
Date:   Tue Dec 4 15:38:03 2012 +0100

    PIM + sync: write less data to disk (part of FDO #55921)

    Avoid writing config file changes to disk by enabling a new
    "ephemeral" mode for syncing via the PIM Manager. This mode is enabled
    via the sync mode parameter of the D-Bus API and from there passed
    through to the SyncConfig and local sync helper. It cannot be enabled
    in the config files (yet?).

    In this mode, config file changes are not flushed resp. discarded
    directly in the config nodes. This prevents writing to .ini files in

    The "synthesis" binfile client files are still written, but they get
    redirected into the session directory, which can (and should) be set
    to a temp file system and get deleted again quickly.

    Data dumps are turned off now in the configs created by the PIM

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