Comment # 11 on bug 59571 from
(In reply to comment #7)
> 5th problem: after switching to E_BOOK_QUERY_EQUALS_PHONE_NUMBER with a E164
> caller ID as comparison value (includes country code!), contacts which have
> no country code don't match.

It turns out that this is intentional. An API description patch for EDS is in
the works.

In SyncEvolution, I now use EQUALS_NATIONAL_PHONE_NUMBER, which matches
contacts without explicit country code if the national part is the same. As
intended, it does not match if there is a non-matching explicit country code.

The issue however is not resolved entirely, because when summaries are enabled,
EQUALS_NATIONAL_PHONE_NUMBER returns different results than without. Therefore
SyncEvolution does *not* use extended summaries at the moment.

It has to do that to improve performance of the direct phone number lookup.

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