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> What is the expected benefit of doing stage 2,3,4 etc separately?
> "More quickly" is probably the answer, but how quickly does it have to be to
> outweigh the downside (longer time until the cache is really in sync with
> the peer)?
> I suspect that whoever asks for this overestimates the time that it takes to
> download those extra fields. Before we implement this, someone should
> quantify that by running some download experiments. You can use
> SyncEvolution for that, see the src/pbap/README for instructions on how to
> filter fields.

Steps 2,3,4,5,6... will rarely used in a standard product 
This feature will add the flexibility to define the Sync in the way the user
want. If wrongly configured it may end up in a significant slowdown.
But for example, I noticed that the NOTE field may include a big amount of data
(i.e. in some business devices), some implementations may like to sync it
during the second stage with all the less important fields, the PHOTO will be
synced in a third stage.
We cannot predict all the possible corner cases.

I can try to make some download tests.

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