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Running SyncEvolution 1.2.2

The SyncEvolution --print databases yield the following:

"Show available sources:
Show information about configuration(s):
  syncevolution --print-servers|--print-configs|--print-peers
Show information about a specific configuration:
  syncevolution --print-config [--quiet] [--] <config> [main|<source> ...]
List sessions:
  syncevolution --print-sessions [--quiet] [--] <config>
Show information about SyncEvolution:
  syncevolution --help|-h|--version
Run a synchronization as configured:
  syncevolution <config> [<source> ...]
Run a synchronization with properties changed just for this run:
  syncevolution --run <options for run> [--] <config> [<source> ...]
Restore data from the automatic backups:
  syncevolution --restore <session directory> --before|--after [--dry-run] [--]
<config> <source> ...
Create, update or remove a configuration:
  syncevolution --configure <options> [--] <config> [<source> ...]
  syncevolution --remove|--migrate <options> [--] <config>
List items:
  syncevolution --print-items [--] <config> <source>
Export item(s):
  syncevolution [--delimiter <string>] --export <dir>|<file>|- [--] <config>
<source> [<luid> ...]
Add item(s):
  syncevolution [--delimiter <string>|none] --import <dir>|<file>|- [--]
<config> <source>
Update item(s):
  syncevolution --update <dir> [--] <config> <source>
  syncevolution [--delimiter <string>|none] --update <file>|- [--] <config>
<source> <luid> ...

Remove item(s):
  syncevolution --delete-items [--] <config> <source> (<luid> ... | '*')

ERROR: --print-databases: unknown parameter"

So... I don't know what that even means (except there's a problem in the

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