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(In reply to comment #2)
> Does SyncPeerWithFlags() and the "pbap-sync" flag make sense? Okay to
> implement?

yes it make perfectly sense.

is it possible add also the "picture only" sync?:
     "pbap-sync": string "text"|"pictures"|"all"|"incremental" - 
          synchronize only text properties,
          only pictures, all properties or first text, then all
This extra field may give a better control over the synchronization process.

Sometimes some redundant data may be useful.
in the "progress event" and GetPeerStatus() dictionary, is it possible to add
also a "SyncType" key?
     SyncType : 
        "text", "pictures", "all", "incremental-text", "incremental-pictures" 

This may be helpful to have a perfect knowledge of the exact sync-status,
in particular, if we reach "incremental-pictures" status, we know that the
addressbook is consistent enough to be browsed.


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