Bug ID 86335
Summary abnormally high network traffic when synchronizing calendar in CalDAV
Product SyncEvolution
Version unspecified
Hardware x86-64 (AMD64)
OS Linux (All)
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority medium
Component CalDAV/CardDAV
Assignee syncevolution-issues@syncevolution.org
Reporter sebastien@debian.org
CC syncevolution-issues@syncevolution.org

Since I upgraded to SyncEvolution 1.5, synchronizing my calendar (in two-way
mode) with my CalDAV server (Radicale) generates an abnormally high amount of
network traffic.

This is the corresponding entry in my apache log:

2001:7a8:3d80:0:a00:27ff:fe70:ffdd - - [16/Nov/2014:00:23:09 +0100] "REPORT
/sebastien/calendar.ics/ HTTP/1.1" 207 26684196 "-" "SyncEvolution"

As you can see, this simple two-way synchronization consumes 26Mb, while the
ics file of the calendar is 300kb.

This is of course highly inefficient, and also makes SyncEvolution almost
unusable to me, because synchronization now takes 6 minutes (due to low upload
bandwith of my server).

SyncEvolution 1.4 was much more efficient in this respect, and was doing the
synchronization in a couple of seconds.

Any idea how to fix this? Is there a simple workaround that I could apply?

Thanks for creating SyncEvolution.

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