Patrick Ohly changed bug 86335
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Comment # 1 on bug 86335 from
I've no idea why 1.5 should be worse than 1.4. Please help me investigate that

For that, increase the loglevel to 4 in the target-config of the CalDAV sync
and run a sync.

Was it reported as a normal, two-way sync with no changes on either side?

Look at the syncevolution-log.html of the target-config side for that sync
session. What is this REPORT which produces the excessive amount of data?

It would be useful if I could look at the log leading up to that REPORT.
Perhaps you can send it to me at patrick.ohly at Feel free to strip out
personal data, although I also of course promise to keep it confidential.

It may also be useful to downgrade to 1.4; the archives can be downloaded here:

Don't bother if you don't have the time to try that. Perhaps the additional
information about 1.5 already gives me enough clues.

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