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> "picture-only" is not technically possible, because the text fields are
> required to find matches with existing local contacts.
> One could do a "picture-with-minimal-text-fields", but that is not going to
> provide much benefits (none?).
> If some future PBAP enhancement makes a "picture-only" mode more efficient
> than "all", then we can still add that at that point.
> Regarding "SyncType", yes, something like that can be added. But it is not
> clear to me what you expect to see reported there. Is this a correct
> description of what you had in mind?
> 'text' - text-only sync active
> 'all' - non-incremental text and picture sync active
> 'incremental-text' - incremental sync active, currently syncing text
> 'incremental-picture' - incremental sync active, done with text, now syncing
> pictures
> I would call that 'sync-cycle', to make it more explicit that this is about
> what is currently going on and may change as we enter another cycle.

My idea of SyncType has few purposes.
1) Basically to know the exact moment when the text has been synced in order to
browse the addressbook.
2) It happen to me writing a PIM gui few time ago, the module that usually
initiate a task (i.e. StartSync) is separate from the module that show the
results (i.e. GetPeerStatus) and maybe a third module would like to monitor the
Sync to display the "Search" button in  the exact moment that the text has been

About the Sync Pictures Only.
You are right, but it may be useful to have it.
I think we should consider to add few restrictions 
"picture" require a previous sync with "text"
This feature is not necessary but will provide the right flexibility to manage
the sync in the way the client would prefer (i.e. multiple "pictures-only" sync
after some specific event)

Below there is an Idea I had:
I was just wondering how much effort is required to make something more generic
for the incremental sync:
Some kind of custom incremental sync setup inside the SetPeer api.
By Default (the current one):
   Stage 1: (list of all the fields except "PHOTO")
   Stage 2: ("PHOTO")

But another possible useful configuration may be:
   Stage 1: (FN,NAME,EMAIL,TEL)
   Stage 2: (ADR,GEO,BDAY)
   Stage 3: (PHOTO)
All the other fields are not required for this peer.
Some restrictions must be considered
(i.e. the mandatory vCard fields are included by default in any stage)

This may help the customization of the VCard field required for the Sync
because some PIM implementations may not require the full vCard but just a
subset of it.

With this customization the SyncType may have as result value

And possibly a sync of a specific stage would be very useful with the
prerequisite of the completed sync of a previous stage.  

This is just an idea but it will add enough flexibility for different use case.

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