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> Here are four names, one per line:
> Adams
> Jeffries
> 江
> Meadows
> 江 has Jiang has Pinyin representation, so a collation based on Pinyin should
> sort as shown above (江 = Jiang after Jeffries and before Meadows). At least
> that's my understanding.

A Chinese colleague confirmed that this is indeed what he expects.

>From the icu-support mailing list:


From:     Mark Davis ☕ <>
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To:     ICU support mailing list <>
Subject:     Re: [icu-support] pinyin sorting in zh_CN.UTF-8
Date:     Mon, 13 May 2013 13:02:11 +0200

P​eople have different expectations for pinyin. Some possibilities are:
​        Sort Chinese characters in pinyin order, but separate from Latin
        Sort them interleaved with Latin, by the first character.
        Sort them fully interleaved with Latin.
        ​For #2, the easiest way to do it is with the Alphabetic index.​ For
#3, the best is to use a Han-Latin transliterator to get a key, then sort by
that key.


We now know that ICU implements option 1, so implementing the expected outcome
will be more work. We also need to determine whether #2 or #3 are expected.

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