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(In reply to comment #3)
> i solved the password pb by adding option
> --sync-property syncURL=http://localhost:9000/syncevolution
> and
> adding in .config/syncevolution/config.ini the statement
> defaultPeer = kontact
> (question what is the configure option to add "defaultPeer = kontact" ?)
> don't know if the two statements are useful but it works .

The first one may have an effect because it determines the lookup key for the
password in KWallet. If the syncURL is not set, the remote device ID is used.
Perhaps that doesn't work with KWallet.

The debug output I asked for (with and without syncURL) would be useful to
determine that.

The "defaultPeer" setting should be completely irrelevant.

> now memotoo client can connect to http server  but when i ask to sync
> calendar
> then
> memotoo client stays in state "waiting"
> http server says "Synchronization failed"

The client is looking for a Target='event'. Earlier you said that you
configured "events" as uri. Try "event" instead.

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