Priority medium
Bug ID 70774
Summary Improper contacts import/Merging using specific vcards
Severity normal
Classification Unclassified
OS All
Hardware Other
Status NEW
Component PIM Manager
Product SyncEvolution

Created attachment 88013 [details]
Testing Vcard

Attached the testing vCards and the Log Files.

NOTE: For testing purposes, as Email, a number is used, I suppose This may
trigger this strange behaviour.

We may end up in the situation that it is possible that different Contacts may
have the same WORK E-Mail.

    contacts are attached vCards

    sync peer and display contacts

Expected behavior:
    contacts are imported and information displayed is the same as in vcard

Observed behavior:
    from present vcards ony half are added as contacts. Also phone info for
imported ones contains the phone numbers from not imported vcards.

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