Priority medium
Bug ID 64061
Summary Nokia N91 Contacts Sync issues
Severity normal
Classification Unclassified
OS Linux (All)
Hardware x86-64 (AMD64)
Status NEW
Component SyncEvolution
Product SyncEvolution

When using sync-ui to copy my contacts, todo, notes and calendar to Evolution
everything seems to work fine, all the data appears in Evolution.

However, I have the sync set so it's one way so it only reads from my phone
'Receive changes from device'. But upon resyncing with iSync on my mac it tells
me all the contacts have changed and when looking at the before and after, it
appears the phone numbers have disappeared. When I look at the data on the
phone however they're still there...

Really not sure why the data on my phone would be changed by a read only
operation from Syncevolution? That's if it has actually changed (visibly it
doesn't appear to have changed) but if not why would iSync think it has?

I've tried several times and each time with the same result.

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