Comment # 1 on bug 59571 from
The problem at the moment is that the normalized phone number support in the
"openismus-work" branch is unusable resp. out-dated.

1. The API is not the same as in master. It would be good to not
   require different code in SyncEvolution for openismus-work and master.
   Differences are:
   * e_book_client_connect_direct in master,
     e_book_client_new_direct in openismus-work.
   * Phone numbers split into two parts in master

2. Importing SyncEvolution test cases into openismus-work crashes
   evolution-addressbook-factory in code related to phone numbers.

   Because libebook's synchronous APIs do not notice that crash,
   SyncEvolution hangs. To reproduce:

   SYNCEVOLUTION_DEBUG=1 /home/pohly/work/syncevolution/src/syncevolution
--daemon=no --import ~pohly/src/syncevolution/test/testcases/eds_contact.vcf

Note that this depends on the actual data. The initial 11 contacts import okay,
then it fails for "John Doe".

evolution-addressbook-factory fails with:

(evolution-addressbook-factory:27057): libedata-book-ERROR **:
e-book-backend-sqlitedb.c:1462 (convert_phone): Not a phone number

It must not assume that all TEL values are valid phone numbers!

Furthermore, why is this code used? The SyncEvolution command above creates and
uses the system book without enabling any extensions. Is the support for
normalized phone numbers always enabled if EDS was compiled accordingly, or
does it depend on some extension?

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