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(In reply to comment #2)
> Hmm, I ran a test and noticed that e_source_remove(), the method used to
> remove an EDS database, does not remove the local database file immediately.
> Instead it relies on a garbage collector to remove the obsolete local data.
> I'll check with the upstream developers to see how an immediate removal can
> be accomplished.

This is intentional: upstream EDS garbage-collects the database files once per
day, then moves them into a "trash" folder and removes them permanently after a

This is not the behavior that we want when removing via the PIM Manager API
(RemvoePeer or RemovePeerData), so I added code to remove the files right away.
I also added a new test, TestContacts.testRemove.

I have not implemented RemovePeerData() itself - for that I am still waiting
for confirmation about the API.

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