Priority medium
Bug ID 72112
Summary PBAP: download in chunks
Severity enhancement
Classification Unclassified
OS All
Hardware Other
Version 1.4
Component PBAP
Product SyncEvolution

Currently SyncEvolution uses a combination of GetSize() and PullAll() without
parameters. There have been suggestions to break up the download into chunks
with Offset and MaxCount parameters to PullAll().

It is unclear what that is supposed to achieve, so use cases are needed which
can only be implemented that way.

It is worth pointing out in this context that uint16 is used in the PBAP API,
including the GetSize() used by SyncEvolution. It is unclear if or how more
than 64K contacts on a phone can be synced.

At the moment, SyncEvolution probably stops at the limit given by GetSize()
even if PullAll() returns more contacts (untested!).

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