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> now i know better the details of the procedure 
> - everybody uses a neutral language which is vcard language
> but each tools (contact , kaddressbook ) uses its own language to create a
> view
> - contact editor knows "TEL;TYPE=FAX" and displays "Autre fax"
> but contact does not know how to display "TEL;TYPE=FAX" !
> - kaddressbook knows  how to display "TEL;TYPE=FAX;TYPE=WORK"
> but kaddressbook does not offers to create an object
> - syncevolution is neutral when communicating with others
> my conclusion :
> - syncevolution has no pb

That depends. It is unfortunate that apps working with vCard have different
interpretations of it. In an ideal world, SyncEvolution should only pass around
vCards without having to care or know about such differences.

But we don't live in a perfect world, and therefore I do see it as
SyncEvolution's role to translate between different vCard flavors.

The problem is that this needs to be done by someone, and I don't have the time
to take care of another vCard flavor (KDE) and sync combination (KDE + Funambol
+ Android).

The bug is valid and I'll keep it open, but I'll leave it open for someone else
to work on.

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