Comment # 13 on bug 59571 from
(In reply to comment #12)
> Things should work now according to those tests.
> client/test-client-change-country-code.c?h=openismus-
> work&id=8051c2a1802d4b04cbea0409ff026f05598ce146#n331
> client/test-client-custom-summary.c?h=openismus-
> work&id=8051c2a1802d4b04cbea0409ff026f05598ce146#n429

These are the relevant commits:
7748a56 sqlitedb: Only create indexes after introspection
606b360 sqlitedb: Use proper length of default country code
74e3f1e sqlitedb: Fix another issue phonenumber matching issue
3443ed1 sqlitedb: Assing country-code to address summary

They reestablish rewriting the summary when the local changes. This solution
still needs to be upstreamed.

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