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> The local sync in the IVI use case must not write anything to disk except
> for the actual data changes. This means:
> - disable logging in .cache/syncevolution

Instead of disabling it entirely, which may or may not be what is wanted,
better allow directing the logging to a temporary directory. I implemented two
new peer properties for that.

Note that disabling it entirely is not possible at the moment, the synthesis
meta information gets dumped into the session directories.

commit 4036ba701c6578c1cdbf61d047af24123a06fa30
Author: Patrick Ohly <>
Date:   Tue Dec 4 17:11:21 2012 +0100

    PIM: allow configuration of session dirs (part of FDO #55921)

    Useful for moving the session directories to a temporary file system.
    They are essentially just useful for debugging when used as part of
    PIM Manager.

    - "logdir" - a directory in which directories are created with
                 debug information about sync session
    - "maxsessions" - number of sessions that are allowed to exist
                      after a sync (>= 0): 0 is special and means unlimited,
                      1 for just the latest, etc.;
                      old sessions are pruned heuristically (for example,
                      keep sessions where something changed instead of
                      some where nothing changed), so there is no hard
                      guarantee that the last n sessions are present.

Probably we need to revisit whether this functionality is good enough, so I am
keeping this open.

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