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Comment # 1 on bug 64835 from
I would prefer a slightly more general API, one which will also work once (if)
we cache more than just contacts. Proposal:

    void RemovePeerData(string uid, list of strings)

         Removes cached data of the given peer. In contrast to
         RemovePeer(), the configuration of the peer and is left
         unchanged. As in RemovePeer(), its address book is
         automatically deactivated in the unified address book if was
         active before removing it.

         An empty list removes all data. "contacts" removes only the
         address book.

Okay? That call would try to completely remove the EDS database file. It might
fail if the database is in use (not sure whether EDS then fails to remove or
the other users fail).

I was also considering a PurgePeer() call instead, which would have only
removed the contacts inside the database. The advantage would be that it is
less intrusive if there are other users of the DB (sync, windowed search). The
disadvantage is that it is less thorough.

Which one do you prefer?

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