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> When using sync-ui to copy my contacts, todo, notes and calendar to
> Evolution everything seems to work fine, all the data appears in Evolution.

Do you use Bluetooth?

> However, I have the sync set so it's one way so it only reads from my phone
> 'Receive changes from device'. But upon resyncing with iSync on my mac it
> tells me all the contacts have changed

I suspect that the phone gets confused about which computer it is talking to.
SyncML is not stateless, so the phone needs to remember some meta data
(anchors, changes) per peer. When the phone uses the meta data from the last
sync with SyncEvolution in the next sync with iSync, iSync and/or the phone
will notice a mismatch between meta data on the phone and in iSync, probably
leading to the "all contacts changed" message.

It might help to use a different "remoteIdentifier". The Nokia template uses
"remoteIdentifier = PC Suite" for its initial message to the phone when using
Bluetooth. That emulates the behavior of Nokia's PC software. Try a different,
unique string like "PC Suite 1234" instead:

syncevolution --configure 'remoteIdentifier=PC Suite 1234' <your config name>

> and when looking at the before and
> after, it appears the phone numbers have disappeared. When I look at the
> data on the phone however they're still there...

That looks like a problem when doing slow syncs between iSync and the phone.
Sorry, no idea how to solve that.

> Really not sure why the data on my phone would be changed by a read only
> operation from Syncevolution? That's if it has actually changed (visibly it
> doesn't appear to have changed)

You can check the statistics of the SyncEvolution sync to see whether any data
was modified on the phone. This counts the low-level SyncML operations, so if
the counts for "modified/added" on the phone are zero, then you can be very
sure that SyncEvolution really didn't change anything:

syncevolution --print-sessions <your config name>

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