Priority medium
Bug ID 61869
Summary FolderSync when ActiveSync server loses state
Severity normal
Classification Unclassified
OS All
Hardware Other
Status NEW
Version unspecified
Component ActiveSync
Product SyncEvolution

On occasion, the ActiveSync server loses state and insists that the client
refetches the folder list with folder sync key 0.  Currently there is no way
for the user to fix that, except finding the folder cache file and deleting it.

The attached patches add a hack to handle this case and allow folder syncs to
recover.  The hack is that folder syncs **always** restart from sync key 0. 
This means that when the problem occurs, the user can recover by forcing a
folder sync (for example using --print-databases).

There are two patches.  The first patch,
0001-eas-daemon-add-eas_connection_forget_folders.patch, is not a hack.  This
adds the capability to reset the folder sync, which is required in any solution
to the problem.

The second patch,
0001-eas-daemon-workround-folder-sync-when-server-loses-s.patch, is the hack. 
This always calls eas_connection_forget_folders before doing a folder sync. 
This could be optimised further in future if desired.

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