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> > Things should work now according to those tests.
> > 
> >
> > client/test-client-change-country-code.c?h=openismus-
> > work&id=8051c2a1802d4b04cbea0409ff026f05598ce146#n331
> > 
> >
> > client/test-client-custom-summary.c?h=openismus-
> > work&id=8051c2a1802d4b04cbea0409ff026f05598ce146#n429
> These are the relevant commits:
> 7748a56 sqlitedb: Only create indexes after introspection
> 606b360 sqlitedb: Use proper length of default country code
> 74e3f1e sqlitedb: Fix another issue phonenumber matching issue
> 3443ed1 sqlitedb: Assing country-code to address summary
> They reestablish rewriting the summary when the local changes. This solution
> still needs to be upstreamed.

Again, we've still had issues convincing Milan that the addressbook data
needs to be re-written on a locale change (or at least for a country code
change), that still needs to be upstreamed.

Regarding some different behaviour that was occurring when matching
phone numbers in the SQLite vs matching directly with the vCard data,
we did catch that issue and it was fixed in this commit:

commit a3526c06166073e3c96a4bfef6a294b5cc71f78b
Author: Mathias Hasselmann <>
Date:   Fri Mar 1 14:05:28 2013 +0100

    sqlitedb: Improve national phone number matching

    The sqlitedb backend and e_phone_number_compare() showed different
    behavior for a few cases of national and short number matching.
    This syncs the behavior.

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