Comment # 4 on bug 75672 from
> SyncEvolution should already call Akonadi::ServerManager::isRunning() in
> syncevo-dbus-server each time it tries to use an Akonadi source.

Yes, I have seen that. Hence I tried if the call succeeds in my test program.

> You can verify that with:
> gdb -p `pidof syncevo-dbus-server` # while syncevo-dbus-server is still
> running
> b SyncEvo::AkonadiSyncSource::start
> catch throw
> cont
> This should break in SyncEvo::AkonadiSyncSource::start. Enter "finish".
> Instead of returning from the call, it show break on the exception that you
> see ("Akonadi is not running. It can be started with 'akonadictl start'.").
> Could it be that Akonadi was not running yet when syncevo-dbus-server was
> started? Perhaps Akonadi::ServerManager::isRunning() only checks once and
> then does not notice when Akonadi gets started later on. Just an idea.

No, it was running. I checked several times.

> Can you run the check with gdb above and give more information about your
> Linux distro? Which version of SyncEvolution?

I use Exherbo as my linux distribution. I have KDE 4.12.2 and Akonadi (server)
1.11.0. The dbus version is 1.8.0. The problem occurs with SyncEvolution 1.4.

I will upload the output of gdb. The exception it caught occured a few seconds
_after_ the output "Akonadi is not running. It can be started with 'akonadictl

> Wait, I forgot to ask about this: is syncevo-dbus-server running in the same
> D-Bus session as Akonadi?
> In other words, how exactly do you run syncevo-http-server?

I think it is. I started it by entering "syncevo-http-server
http://localhost:9000" in a console that ran in the local user session.

> ... unless you already configured the sync successfully or do that via the
> command line. If you already have a config and only the actual syncing fails,
> then Akonadi gets used by syncevo-dbus-helper again, just as in --print-
> databases. In that case it is more likely a problem with your syncevo-http-
> server setup (see the other comment).

Yes, I already have a config that used to work with SyncEvolution 1.3 (But I
did not use it for about a month).

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