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> 1. first pb
> kde label for a personal fax         : <no label>
> kde label for a professional fax     : <no label>
> kde label for a fax                  : fax
> android label for a personal fax     : fax personnel
> android label for a professional fax : fax professionnel
> android label for a fax              : <no label>
> when i synchronize from kde to android
> then
> all kde card with "fax" "<number>" are changed to "<no label>" "<number>"
> then
> i must manualy change "<no label>" to <fax personnel" or "fax professionnel"
> this is a big pb when you have many fax
> note : i say "android" but i don't know if it is "samsung" or "android" or
> google label.

When you say "label", do you mean the TYPE in the TEL property of the vCard? It
would help to quote examples from the output of "syncevolution --export -
@default addressbook". This also applies to the other problems.

If I understand the description correctly, then KDE does not mark personal or
professional fax as "fax" at all - how can SyncEvolution then determine that
the phone number is a fax?

It is possible to change the flags when syncing, but it must be possible to
define the precise steps that achieve the desired result.

How do you synchronize with Android?

I am asking these questions to get a better understanding. I probably won't
have time to investigate this myself.

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