Bug ID 97802
Summary Syncevolution CardDAV syncing Cpanel accounts instead of Horde addressbook
Product SyncEvolution
Version 1.5
Hardware x86-64 (AMD64)
OS Linux (All)
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority medium
Component CalDAV/CardDAV
Assignee syncevolution-issues@syncevolution.org
Reporter powersurge69@hotmail.com
CC syncevolution-issues@syncevolution.org

I used the following commands to set up Syncevolution to sync my Horde
addressbook under my Cpanel account.

$ syncevolution --configure --template webdav syncURL=https://{hosturl}:2080/
username={emailaddress} password={password} target-config@webdav

$ syncevolution --configure --template SyncEvolution_Client
syncURL=local://@webdav username= password= webdav calendar addressbook todo

$ syncevolution --sync refresh-from-remote webdav

Of course I changed {hosturl}, {emailaddress}, and {password} to what would
work with my host and everything syncs properly except for the addressbook,
which only syncs my Cpanel user accounts and not my Horde addressbook.  I first
emailed my host and they told me that this would be caused by setting up my
sync client with my Cpanel account instead of my webmail account, but I was
using my webmail account.  I then tried using an older version of Syncevolution
(1.4) and it synced all of my Horde addressbook perfectly, so something changed
in 1.5 that is causing Syncevolution to sync the wrong contacts under Cpanel.

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