Patrick Ohly changed bug 64173
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Summary PIM: select collation (Pinyin, phonebook) PIM: hard-code collation (Pinyin, phonebook)

Comment # 6 on bug 64173 from
LocaleFactoryBoost::genLocale() implements a hard-coded list of languages where
 "phonebook" collation is desirable. Currently this is "de" and "fi".
We could use it in all cases, except that ICU has a bug where it does not fall
back properly to the base collation. See and

In addition, fully interleaved Pinyin-based sorting is used for "zh". This
requires an extra transliteration of Han->Latin, because ICU itself sorts
Chinese characters after Latin ones when using the "Pinyin" collation.

EDS implements the same logic in the new ECollator utility class, scheduled for
EDS 3.10 and included in the openismus-work-3-8 branch. SyncEvolution's PIM
Manager should use these classes.

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