Priority high
Bug ID 82872
Summary CardDAV syncing via PIM Manager API
Severity enhancement
Classification Unclassified
OS All
Hardware Other
Version unspecified
Component PIM Manager
Product SyncEvolution

It is useful to wrap the CardDAV syncing capability in the PIM Manager API
because then a uniform API can be presented to UI developers.

The actual API doesn't have to change, we just need some new fields and a
definition what that means for CardDAV. Here's a proposal:

diff --git a/src/dbus/server/pim/README b/src/dbus/server/pim/README
index acb03fa..826df88 100644
--- a/src/dbus/server/pim/README
+++ b/src/dbus/server/pim/README
@@ -292,21 +292,34 @@ Peers
 The following keys are supported for the configuration of a peer:

 - "protocol" - defines how to access the address book. "PBAB" (phone
-               book access protocol) and "file" (read vCard files from
-               directory) are implemented. "SyncML" and "CardDAV"
+               book access protocol), "file" (read vCard files from
+               directory) and "CardDAV" (one-way or two way syncing
+               with a CardDAV server) are implemented. "SyncML"
                could be added easily.

 - "transport" - defines how to establish the connection. The only
                 supported value is "Bluetooth" (for protocol=PBAP or
                 SyncML), which is also the default if not given
-                explicitly.
+                explicitly. Can be left unset for CardDAV.

 - "address" - the Bluetooth MAC address in the aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
-              format (for transport=Bluetooth).
+              format (for transport=Bluetooth); for CardDAV, this can
+              be the name of a SyncEvolution configuration template
+              (for example, "Google") in which case the default
+              address book on that server will be used unless a
+              database is set explicitly

 - "database" - empty or unset for the internal address book
                (protocol=PBAP), or the path to the directory
-               (protocol=file).
+               (protocol=file), or the URL of a specific contact
+               collection (protocol=CardDAV, overrides the "address")
+- "syncmode" - "cache" for one-way syncing with local read-only data (the only
+               allowed value for protocol=PBAP and the default if unset),
+               "two-way" for two-way syncing with locally writable data.
+               In two-way mode, SyncEvolution minimizes user interaction
+               when resolving problems (no slow sync prevention, for
+               example).

 - "logdir" - a directory in which directories are created with debug
              information about sync session.
@@ -322,6 +335,7 @@ The following keys are supported for the configuration of a
 Not supported via the API at the moment:
 - selecting a specific phone address book
 - selecting which vCard properties get cached
+- listing all available CardDAV contact collections

@@ -688,6 +702,14 @@ If matching fails, a contact will get deleted and
recreated. The end result
 in the unified address book is still the same, because folks does not
 rely on the ID for linking.

+With CardDAV, only the initial sync downloads all contacts. Any
+following sync uses locally stored meta data about the server to
+detect changes (added, updated, deleted contacts) and then applies
+these changes locally. If an incremental sync is impossible for
+whatever reason (for example, the local meta data about the CardDAV
+server got lost), SyncEvolution falls back to the PBAP approach of
+comparing local and remote data and updating the local side.
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