Priority medium
Bug ID 73562
Summary syncevo-dbus-server dies soon after first scheduled sync
Severity major
Classification Unclassified
OS Linux (All)
Hardware x86-64 (AMD64)
Status NEW
Component SyncEvolution
Product SyncEvolution

Created attachment 91957 [details]
Output of syncevolution --quiet --print-config memotoo

I installed the latest from, because the
Debian wheezy default 1.2 did not auto-sync
( The system is Debian
7.0 (wheezy) and the desktop is Gnome Classic.

The new version auto-syncs once (approximately 15 minutes after I log on), and
then syncevo-dbus-server dies about 10 minutes later for no apparent reason.
Running "sync-ui" or the syncevolution command-line client restarts it, but I
have not witnessed any more auto-syncs occurring. Some time later the daemon
has disappeared again from the process list.

I am syncing against memotoo and the sync itself appears to finish without

The configuration is mostly default (for Memotoo). A printout is attached. I
decreased the sync interval to 10 minutes just to make observations less

I am willing to send additional debug information and help in other ways, if
you tell me how to obtain it.

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