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(In reply to comment #3)
> After control was initially returned to gdb, the process was still not dead,
> as evidenced by "ps" in another window. I issued "contiune" to gdb, after
> which it eventually died.

I see how it aborts and can imagine how this might happen; it'll be easy to

I've not seen this before, so it could (indirectly) be caused by the unusable
memotoo configuration.

> I notice that the daemon complains about the source "autosyncinterval=10m".
> This source appeared in the config file as a section [autosyncinterval=10m]
> after earlier today I had executed both:
> $ syncevolution --configure memotoo autoSyncInterval=10M

This creates a source named "autoSyncInterval=10M". The positional arguments
are always used as names of config resp. source(s).

> Could that be relevant? How can I safely get rid of it (manually editing
> files under .config/syncevolution seems unsafe to me)?

It is safe to remove all dirs named autoSyncInterval=10M. syncevo-dbus-daemon
does not watch files to pick up modified auto sync settings, but it will
re-read config files for each sync.

Does that fix the termination problem?

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