Hi all,
couple of years ago we discussed the advantages of syncevolution and SyncML over opensync and support for KDE4.
Back then I was not sure if I'll stick to KDE, but since I preferred to stay on TDE for various reasons.
However I am missing one essential part - the sync with the mobile phone(s) in TDE, so I was wondering what I can do about it, being already convinced that the only one could help me is syncevolution.
I would also write backends for TDE if necessary, as I already did for opensync, but the integration of the code into the syncevolution build and gui are still a mystery for me.
May I ask for your opinion please - what would be the steps or send me web links to docs as I'm getting lost in the documentation?
1. Is there a way to sync with TDE  without writing backends for TDE? I ask this in the bluetooth/usb context.
2. Where do I start and what process should I follow to integrate the code into the build and in the gui?
3. In the backend part I see kde, kcalextended and akonadi for kde4 - why was that split up - I mean, I see what is in the code, but why the split?

thanks in advance