I was finally able to get this resolved after bit of tweaking and understanding things more clearly.

First thing I noticed that somehow I was not having peer config for Phone in place. Though in GUI i was able to see it but when I looked into /home/suyog/.config/syncevolution/default/peers ,  i could not see config named as my Phone(Nokia E52)

So I first created this peer config with syncevolution --template Nokia S60 Nokia E52 command

Once peer was created , I changed config.ini file for each source(Addressbook, calendar+todo, memo).
I set Sync = refresh-from-server  , this allowed me to write Evolution(server) data to phone.

This worked very well, and I had all data back in Phone, Many Thanks for saving the day for me.

Once, This was working I tried to check Evolution sync with Ovi.com. I created again peer for this with command
syncevolution --template Ovi Ovi

Since I had already lost all data on Ovi.com, i decided to send all data from Evolution to ovi.com
I put my Ovi username and special sync password.
I noted that Notes(memo) was disabled.Addressbook, calendar+todo was available.
I set sync direction as "send changes to ovi"
This worked perfectly for Addressbook, todos but Birthdays/Anniversary in calendar failed to ovi.com, no error also. other events in calendar get to ovi.com without any issue.

Then I tried Notes which also failed. I guess you know "notes" problem that's why may be you have disabled it in template.

So overall I am really happy with this. I am able to quickly change peers in GUI and sync with phone over bluetooth or with Ovi.com over internet(HTTP)

This type of functionality for Ovi.com is just not available right now with Ovi suite also(which only syncs contacts from phone<->Outlook<->Ovi Suite<->Ovi.com) I doesnt support calendar or todos yet.

I will try to do more detailed testing and report my findings to MeeGo tracker.

Best Regards,

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Subject: Re: RE: RE: Please help - restore from backup syncevolution
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 18:22:35 +0530

Many Thanks to earlier email from Yongsheng. I was able to restore data to 
Evolution and can see it. :)

But now for some reason,I am not able to write it to phone or ovi. Though i
t syncs ,no data is being transefered to phone or ovi.com.

I tried fix emergency option which allows option to delete remote data(phon
e over BT or ovi.com) but it still doesnt work.any clue as what may be wrong here?

Best Regards,


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> To: "Zhu, Yongsheng‎" <yongsheng.zhu@intel.com>
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> Subject: RE: RE: Please help - restore from backup syncevolution
> Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:17:26 +0200
>On Wed, 2010-07-28 at 07:50 +0100, Zhu, Yongsheng wrote:
> > -- do i need to specify full path of directory(as I have done), and
> > it needs to be enclosed in < > ?
> > Yes, full path of directory is ok. But no need of “<” and “>”.
> >
> > -- is template name "nokias60" or "Nokia S60" , In GUI drop down it
> > shows as "Nokia S60"
> > I think it shouldn’t be template name. It should be config name.
> > Because the config contains the information about where to restore
> > the data(such as evolution).
> > '--restore' option is used to restore the data saved before or
> > after a sync to your local database, like evolution. So make sure
> > you have a config which specify the database you want to restore
> > to. 1) syncevolution --template Ovi myovi #create a
> > template, its default database is evolution
> > 2) syncevolution --restore
> > /home/suyog/.cache/syncevolution/virus-2010-07-28-01-13 --before
> > myovi memo #restore data from 'virus-2010-07-28-01-13' to your
> > evolution specified by config 'myovi'
> > *warning: please remember that your memo of your evolution will be
> > overwritten by the memos in your
> > "/home/suyog/.cache/syncevolution/virus-2010-07-28-01-13" once
> > using '--restore' command.
> Also, if unsure about what --restore will do, run it in combination with
> --dry-run first and it'll tell you what it would do without actually
> modifying any data.
> --
> Best Regards, Patrick Ohly
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> I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make here in no way
> represent Intel's position on the issue, nor am I authorized to speak
> on behalf of Intel on this matter.

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