Hello Patrick,

Thanks for the update for SyncEvolution 1.0 schedule.

I am aware that progress of libsynthesis_srv is becoming part of the critical path.

On Aug 31, 2009, at 15:17 , Patrick Ohly wrote:

The biggest unknown factor for 1.0 are the necessary changes in
libsynthesis. Lukas has reassured me that he has made good progress
towards those, but they have a business to run and therefore might have
more important work to deal with first. September 4th in the schedule
below is way too early


- more realistic proposals welcome ;-}

I have an external project until mid-September that will probably take a lot of time (not entirely clear yet). So it's unrealistic that I can make a lot of progress until then. On the other hand, if we can take apart "SyncML server API discussed and usable" into "discussed" and "usable", we can do the discussion part earlier so at least everyone will have a clear picture what is coming and can prepare up to the point of actually putting it together.

What also might work is that I make a public branch of compilable, but not yet usable work in progress early, so environment setup (e.g. organizing the build process for the new libsynthesis_srv) can start already.

This way, I think that a alpha libsynthesis_srv until end of September could still work.

How does that sound?

Lukas Zeller (luz@synthesis.ch)
Synthesis AG, SyncML Solutions  & Sustainable Software Concepts