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I don't think we have consensus on the revised terminology. My updated readme will need further changes.

I understand that it will; I'll keep tracking those changes. I feel I sort of have a grasp on things now, and I want to start writing while it's fresh in my mind. If the conceptual model that I have in my head is wrong, it'll need revising anyhow. If the model is OK but the terminology is off, that should be easy enough to fix. I find it easier in general to have something flawed out for correction than to try and aim for perfection before starting; it's easier to point out flaws than to built something without flaws. I don't mind rework. 

At this point I'd like to get feedback from others before proceeding. Graham, Ove, Todd?

That is OK. 

It's now Easter, and I'll be away for a few days myself. Let's not hurry.

Alright, have a fun few days off. I don't have any plans for easter except essay writing, so I'm going to have a stab at the doc. Nothing irreversible (or af any impact, really) can be done by me, so I don't see any dangers except me perhaps wasting a few hours, and I don't mind that.

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You're German? I hadn't figured that from your English.