Hi Patrick,

I finally got a response from openobex and the secret was in the UPGRADING document.

I don't have the time now to deal with it, so it is just FYI. I hope we can follow up on that next.



Upgrade guide from previous version of openobex

Upgrading to version 1.7

When using an event loop that triggers on incoming data, you must call
OBEX_HandleInput() after each call to OBEX_Request() to actually send the

Upgrading to version 1.6

The function OBEX_UnicodeToAscii() and its counterpart OBEX_AsciiToUnicode()
are gone. Please use the more complete functionality from your toolkit.

If you use one of the functions InOBEX_ServerRegister() and
InOBEX_TransportConnect(), please change to TcpOBEX_ServerRegister() and

The functions OBEX_GetCustomData() and OBEX_SetCustomData() will really only
work with OBEX_TRANS_CUSTOM. Also, obex_t and obex_object_t changed the
declared type. If you pass it around, make sure to use them as pointer.

To use the bluetooth function, include the bluetooth headers of your system
before including openobex/obex.h or define bt_addr_t to the proper type.

The function OBEX_FindInterfaces is replaced by the functions
OBEX_EnumerateInterfaces() and OBEX_GetInterfaceByIndex().