Le 06/03/2012 13:14, Patrick Ohly a écrit :
Thomas Pequet wrote:
                I have an user who has problem to sync Ubuntu and
                The first sync works and after the seconds sync ask
                him a slow sync ... 
                (I think it is because there is error: Warning: Failed
                with status 
                code=20048, statistics are incomplete!!)
                See the log joined to help me to find a solution. 
Thanks Patrick !
Not sure why this didn't make it to the list. I only got a bounce

The log shows an unexpected slow sync, caused by an anchor mismatch:

Saved Last Remote Server Anchor='20120228T115051Z', received <last>
Remote Server Anchor='1330608696000' (must match for normal sync)

It's a bit curious that in one case the anchor is a time stamp, in the
other a number. Both are strings sent by the Memotoo server. Did you
perhaps change the anchor formatting from "seconds since epoch as time
stamp" to "seconds since epoch as integer"? I haven't checked whether
20120228T115051Z matches 1330608696000 when interpreted like that.
It is strange, Memotoo return only date with seconds (ex: 1330608696000) not timestamp... So why SyncEvolution store the timestamp ????

 <Anchor xmlns="syncml:metinf">

Instead of blindly doing the slow sync, the user is asked first.

When using the command line, the user should see some instructions for
resolving this, namely doing some kind of refresh sync, or allowing the
slow sync.

In the GTK UI he or she should be pointed toward the recovery dialog,
which has similar options.