during my journey of setting up a synchronization of a Palm Tungsten TX running the Synthesis SyncML application and a SabreDAV server I tried the following configuration command adapted from the syncevolution manual:

syncevolution --configure \

                     SSLVerifyServer=False \

                     databaseUser=admin \

                     "databasePassword=admin" \

                     addressbook/backend=carddav \

                     addressbook/database=https://localhost:443/sabredav/addressbookserver.php/ \

                     calendar/backend=caldav \

                     calendar/database=https://localhost:443/sabredav/addressbookserver.php/ \

                     @webdav \

                     calendar addressbook


It returns this error message:

[ERROR 00:00:00] per-peer (unshared) properties not allowed: SSLVerifyServer 

With other configuration commands not dealing with this specific SyncML - WebDAV setup I can use this switch.