Hello Patrick

If I remember that we said... When you do a refresh-from-client and there is no data in Memotoo, Memotoo ask a slow sync ...


Le 10/08/2011 15:37, Patrick Ohly a écrit :
Hello Thomas!

Can you remind me how Memotoo handles refresh-from-client and syncs
without data?

According to past discussions and our README.memotoo, Memotoo used to do
a slow sync when it had no data. That broke our testRefreshStatus test.
But now this test seems to run fine.

Instead testDeleteAllRefresh fails now. This test copies some items to
the server, then deletes everything locally and does a
refresh-from-client sync. The expected outcome is that the server
deletes all its items. The actual outcome is that the client is sent all
items on the server.

See http://syncev.meego.com/latest/head-testing-amd64/nightly.html for