On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 3:30 PM, Patrick Ohly <patrick.ohly@intel.com> wrote:
On Sat, 2014-07-26 at 14:43 +0800, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> OK, very long log ( about 90MB), some of the log including error.
> My google account has 979 contacts, which I noticed that the nokia
> phone supports
> no more than 1000 contacts. Is it maybe because of the capacity of the
> phone?

Could be.

> [2014-07-25 23:49:51.814] Started processing Command
> 'Status' (incoming MsgID=3, CmdID=4)
> [2014-07-25 23:49:51.814] WARNING: RECEIVED NON-OK STATUS 500 for
> command 'Add' (outgoing MsgID=2, CmdID=6)

The phone reports the unspecific 500 error. There's a link back in the
log to the contact involved in this Add. Perhaps it is something
specific to this particular contact.

Or it's really just the total number of contacts.

You'll have to experiment a bit to figure that out.

If it is the specific contact, then perhaps SyncEvolution can transform
it somehow to make agreeable for the phone. If it is the total number,
then it gets a bit more tricky. There is code in the engine to limit
syncing to a subset of the contacts, but which ones? That would have to
be define first.

OK, after try several times, I found there's some log at very last lines:

[2014-07-25 23:49:41.206] Slow sync and not resuming -> all items are first reported sop_wants_replace (will become add later)
[2014-07-25 23:49:41.206] addressbook: reading 6f14569e895e1499 from cache
[2014-07-25 23:49:41.206] addressbook: requested 1779, retrieved 1779 from server in 36 queries, misses 0/1779 (0%)
[2014-07-25 23:49:41.206] addressbook: ReadItemAsKey aID=(6f14569e895e1499,) res=0
+[2014-07-25 23:49:41.206] 'ScriptExecute' - Start executing Script, name=afterreadscript [--][++] [->end] [->enclosing]
[2014-07-25 23:49:41.214] Fetched record data from DB with localID=6f14569e895e1499
[2014-07-25 23:49:41.214] Item LocalID='6f14569e895e1499', RemoteID='', operation=wants-replace, size: [maxlocal,maxremote,actual] 

How could it be 1779 contacts, while I has only 979 contacts? (there's also
154 contacts in google plus circle, I don't know if it matters)

So that's sure the phone received more than 1000 contacts and refused to 
continue the syncing. I see 'reading from .... cache', maybe it's the earlier
data not successfully synced. Does 'rm -rf ~/.cache/syncevolution' fully
clear the cache, or any other place I should purge?

Emfox Zhou

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