congratulation, that sounds really great. And a big, big thank to Ove and Patrick and Justus and every developer involved in this important step. I wish I could send you a barrel of beer:-)

So there is a good chance to see it in SyncEvolution 1.3 ...

Thank you very much again.


-- Gesendet von meinem HP TouchPad

Datum: 09.09.2012 19:31
Betreff: Re: [SyncEvolution] SyncEvolution for Maemo and Harmattan
An: Ove =?utf-8?Q?K=C3=A5ven?= <>

Ove Kåven <> wrote on Thu, 06 Sep 2012 23:55:12 +0200:

> Done. Go ahead and give for Harmattan a shot. Should
> hopefully fix ... the text/plain notes sync.

It does! Great! Thanks! Full peer-to-peer Harmattan PIM sync
(contacts+calendar+todos+notes) now supported! Open source (as usual)
beats closed source (but not fully closed device here, fortunately)!

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