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On Thu, 2014-07-17 at 00:38 +0800, Emfox Zhou wrote:

> Not that more, my main account has more than 900 contacts, and others
> has less the 20. I started to sync new contacts into another account,
> the
> syncing was stopped by server every 35 or 47 contacts or so, I
> restarted
> the process several times, and when the contacts reached 190, the same
> error of my main google account appeared.
> What a pity, does this mean I should dispose my old phone into
> trash? ...

No, it just means that you need to use OAuth2 (with the current
SyncEvolution version) or until someone (me?) finds the time to add a
read-ahead buffer based on CARDDAV:addressbook-multiget instead of the
current "one GET per contact".

What is your distro on the desktop and on the server where you run

How to use OAuth2?

My server is running on Debian wheezy/stable, which is now many package
are upgraded to unstable.
I use phone to sync to the server, and server read from google server, so the
process is not related to my destop ( and it also an debian unstable box).

Emfox Zhou

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